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Helping animals in a recession

Hasn't anyone wondered why most people give food to shelters for only humans??? I have often wondered why shelters don't ask for food donations for animals. Last week when I was walking down the street in San Francisco most of the homeless people I saw had dogs or cats by their side. If these people can't afford to feed themselves they certainly can't afford to feed their animals. It wouldn't kill all of us to go to the store and buy a container of pet food and donate it to the local charity.

So next time you get cans together for a food drive ask the people running the program if you can bring some canned animal food as well!!!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Getting A Horse to Move forward

Every once in a while I will get a client with a horse that does not want to move forward. Honestly this is one of the trickiest things to fix and it takes a lot of patience and retraining. One of the best things to do with a horse that is dead to the leg is take them outside and gallop them as far as you can in a straight line. One of the biggest mistakes that people make is to constantly kick the horse so that the horse quickly becomes dead to the leg! What a person needs to do is push the horse forward with the leg and sit quietly until the horse wants to fall out then come quickly and abruptly with the correction. Most horses lull their rider into believing that they have to nag them all of the time in order to go forward and as we all realize this is very tiring and unenjoyable! If you have anymore questions please feel free to contact me!

Friday, December 26, 2008

How to get a longer tail?

Many people out there are probably wondering how to get their horses tails to grow longer. I have had several people ask me in the past what products I use and how often I brush the tails. Honestly the best advice that anyone can give you is to not do anything at all to the tails. Many people get over obsessed brushing their horses tails and end up pulling out way too much hair! The best advice is to onky brush a horses tail right after you have washed and conditioned a horses tail, otherwise, the best idea is to just leave it alone.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

42 Horses dead

I would like to report that unfortunately 42 horses died in a tragic barn fire last night in the midwest. Officials aren't sure what caused the fire. The fire raged on at about 1 am in the morning and it took several hours to out out. Unfortunately the building was a raging inferno so firefighters were unable to save any of the animals inside. Many of the horses were just arriving from the world finals in oaklahoma. All horse owners can relate to the devastating loss that these people must be feeling this morning as they have not only lost an animal, but they have lost a partner. There are talks of putting up a memorial to remember these animals, but no decisions have been made. Please keep these owners in your thoughts!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Blog Advertising

Blog advertising:

Yesterday I ran across a new concept called Blog Advertising. At first I was a little reluctant as it seemed as though it might be another one of those internet scams, but to my surprise it is completely legitimate. Companies are actually willing to pay qualified bloggers to write product reviews and other relevant articles on their websites. After looking into several of the companies I decided that I was going to go with paying post because there platform is extremely easy to use. I can easily log into my account and see what opportunities I currently have. With the economy in its current condition I think that this will be great way for bloggers to supplement their current income!
From the advertisers point of view

advertising on blogs

blogs is an excellent way to promote your product because most established blogs have a pretty religious following and in a sense feel like they can trust the blog writer. Advertising on blogs also tends to be extremely cost effective (I can attest to this though personal experience!) I am the owner of a website called Barn Culture and run many campaigns on other peoples websites, but honestly blog advertising appears to be the biggest bang for my buck. For some reason I seem to get a much greater ROI when I have other blog writers write about the products that I am trying to sell. I cannot tell you exactly why this is, but feel that it really is most likely because people seem to feel like they know the blog writer if they continually read their column , therefore, they feel as though they can trust them.

In essence I would say that blog advertising is the way of the future and that both blog writers and advertisers should look into this new marketing phenomenon. I would really recommend that people look into paying post as there platform really is very user friendly.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Santa Comes Early to Theft Victim

Santa Comes Early to Theft Victim
and NetPosse Volunteer!

Shelby, NC – Stolen Horse International, the only 501(c)3 nonprofit organization providing equine-related theft education and recovery assistance, has grown over the last decade due to the dedication of volunteers in the United States and across the world. Whether or not they have ever experienced the heartache of searching for a horse due to theft, a bad sale or for any othe r reason, these compassionate people reach out on a daily basis to those who have.

This decade-old, nonprofit organization, known by many as NetPosse, exists to educate horse owners regarding equine-related theft and also assist in the recovery of stolen and missing horses. However, despite the thousands of professionals and everyday horse people NetPosse connects with every year, none of us is immune to equine-related theft and none of us can protect ourselves 100 percent from losing a horse.

When our volunteers experience this unexpected situation and have a missing horse, they are thrown into a world that they had once not fully understood. Many horse enthusiasts who frequent Internet groups receive Idaho Alerts posted by these same volunteers.

Michelle Gordon is one of those NetPosse volunteers who spends hours each week networking on behalf of the stolen and missing horses. Her story is one we hear frequently at SHI headquarters involving what we call “civil theft” – where horses are missing in bad agreements with board barns, family members, trainers, and the l ike. And while Michelle isn’t alone, she really can count her blessings this Christmas season.

Elated by the successful recovery of her horses, Michelle tells the story in her own words, but it really didn’t start in the summer of 2008. In fact, this story has more twists and turns than Santa guiding his reindeer and sleigh through the rooftops on Christmas Eve.

One of the horses featured in Michelle’s story is a registered quarter horse affectionately known as Tue. He first appeared on NetPosse’s Web site in October 2002 when he was stolen with his dam. While the horses were recovered, Tue went on shortly t hereafter to unfortunate circumstances from which he had to be rescued. Five years ago, he was Michelle’s Christmas present from her loving husband. Now, he and his buddy Digger are home again … just in time for the holidays ... after someone saw the horses' NetPosse flyer in a local store.

This story might not become a Christmas Classic, but we hope it provides hope and a feeling of goodwill for all those who read it this holiday season at this link:

But remember … while Michelle’s family has experienced its miracle, there are still many heart-broken children because all they want for Christmas is their horses home. The thing is YOU can be that miracle. It only takes one person to forward an email or post a flyer that could lead to the recovery of a horse … and make a child’s Christmas wish come true!

To view more missing and stolen horses, including Max from Illinois and Mandy from Alberta, please visit

For more information, contact: Debi Metcalfe or Angela Kirby
PO Box 1341, Shelby, NC 28151
704-484-2165, Cell: 704-472-4314

AVMA urges veterinarians to support National Animal Identification System

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Tom McPheron
Office: 847-285-6781
Cell: 773-494-5419

December 18, 2008

AVMA urges veterinarians to support National Animal Identification System

Schaumburg, Ill.
— The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) is showing its strong support for the National Animal Identification System (NAIS) by urging veterinarians to actively participate in the system and utilize the new Veterinarian's Toolkit.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service's (USDA-APHIS) Veterinarian's Toolkit is an online resource developed by veterinarians for veterinarians. It provides a myriad of information including a detailed guide to how NAIS works and resources to help communicate its importance and benefits to producers.

"The AVMA fully supports a national livestock identification system. This toolkit will help ensure that both veterinarians and producers are on the same page when it comes to protecting our nation's livestock," says Dr. Ron DeHaven, Chief Executive Officer of the AVMA. "We're asking veterinarians, particularly those working with livestock, to become involved in the NAIS program, to register their own hospitals in addition to their premises and animals, and also to encourage their clients to register their animals and premises. No one carries more credibility with animal owners than veterinarians."

A Veterinarian's Toolkit includes factsheets and "conversation-starter tips" to help veterinarians inform their clients about the NAIS and why it is so vitally important to our national security. The online toolkit will be updated by USDA-APHIS and provides links to other relevant resources.

The NAIS is designed to help producers and animal health officials respond quickly and effectively to animal health events in the United States. NAIS utilizes premises registration, animal identification, and animal tracing to locate animals that may have been exposed to disease and remove from suspicion animals that are not a threat.

"The NAIS is an essential tool for tracking down all animals impacted by a disease outbreak," Dr. DeHaven explains. "A disaster is not the time to start planning, and we can't afford to wait until the next disease outbreak to participate in this critical national identification program."

For more information about the NAIS, visit For more information about the AVMA and its programs, please visit


The AVMA and its more than 76,000 member veterinarians are engaged in a wide variety of activities dedicated to advancing the science and art of animal, human and public health. Visit the AVMA Web site at for more information.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Half-Arabian Adams Fire Makes His Run for USEF Horse of the Year

Press Release
December 16, 2008
Contact: AHA

Half-Arabian Adams Fire Makes His Run for USEF Horse of the Year
Adams Fire, a 2002 Half-Arabian gelding, owned by Starline Arabians LLC, is a finalist for the 2008 USEF Horse of the Year Award. Voting for the prestigious award, by USEF members, the USEF Executive Committee and media begins Dec. 12, 2008.

Adams Fire has earned a string of U.S. National Championships, beginning in 2005 as a junior horse. Between appearances at U.S. Nationals, Youth Nationals and Canadian Nationals, Adams Fire holds eight national titles-seven in English pleasure and one in pleasure driving. Adams Fire proved his talent at the 2008 U.S. Nationals during the Half-Arabian English Pleasure Open as a packed house witnessed the first work-off in 30 years. Adams Fire came away victorious.

"Adams Fire is the ultimate show horse," says Lori Lawrence, Adams Fire's owner. "We feel we are the luckiest family in the world to be able to own and show such a truly unique and talented individual. 'Adam' is unquestionably the most thrilling English horse I have ever ridden."

According to USEF, the Horse of the Year Award goes to the horse that has excelled above all others in equestrian competition for the current year. An Arabian or Half-Arabian has made it to the list of finalists three of the last five years.

To cast your vote for Horse of the Year, click here.

The award, which is sponsored by Farnam/Platform, will be presented during the USEF Horse of the Year Awards Dinner on Friday, Jan. 16, 2009. The Annual Meeting will be held Jan. 14-18 at the Hilton Cincinnati Netherland Plaza in Cincinnati, Ohio. For more information about the Annual Meeting, visit

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Equine Legal Resources Exhibits at Wellington Chamber of Commerce Business Expo

Equine Legal Resources Exhibits at Wellington Chamber of Commerce Business Expo – Henry Portner, Esq. Talks Law with Equestrians

Written by: Mary Hilton
Client: Henry N. Portner, Esquire
Release Date: 2008-12-16

WELLINGTON, FL – December 16, 2008 – Equine Legal Resources, a law firm based in Palm Beach County, Florida, with offices throughout the country, exhibited at the Wellington Chamber of Commerce Business Expo held December 3-7 at the Palm Beach International Equestrian Center. The Expo was held in conjunction with show jumping and dressage competition during the Holiday and Horses “AA” CSI-W and Dressage at the Holiday and Horses CDI 3*. Henry N. Portner, Esquire, the Partner in Charge of the law firm, was on hand at the Equine Legal Resources display to talk with equestrians.

Mr. Portner, who has represented a diverse group of equestrian owners, businesses, real estate entrepreneurs, builders, and developers for more than 25 years, noted that Equine Legal Resources specializes in equine law, equine litigation and equine taxation, which were “hot topics” with people who stopped by the display.

“The hottest topics had to do with buying, selling and leasing horses,” Mr. Portner said. “Often, what was a hobby, a love of horses, turns into a major economic investment. And too often, that investment is at risk without competent legal input in the underlying agreements. Unfortunately, the old days of the handshake have long since passed.”

Mr. Portner’s expertise encompasses breeders, stables, equine syndications, equestrian farm and estate buyers and sellers, equine professionals, and equestrian associations. He noted that the majority of the people who stopped by the Equine Legal Resources display were owners of horses, many with children active in local competitions.

“Insurance was also an area of concern and interest,” Mr. Portner said. “Getting the right insurance has always been of paramount importance. After all, there is a considerable investment in competition horses.”

Summing up his experience at the Wellington Chamber of Commerce Business Expo, Mr. Portner recounted, “Taking into account the excellent weather and the beautiful grounds, it turned out to be fun and relaxed, rather than just business as usual. Wellington has some really nice people – and I think it true that those with horses and pets are truly a friendly crowd.”

If you are interested in discussing your case or any legal matter, please call Equine Legal Resources to set up a no-charge, no-obligation, one-on-one consultation.

Equine Legal Resources Contact Information
Partner in Charge: Henry N. Portner, J.D., L.L.M., Equine Legal Resources
Telephone: 561-400-0027 or Toll Free: 1-888-9HORSE0.
Email: or
Offices in Florida, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Georgia and South Carolina

PHOTO CAPTION: Henry N. Portner, J.D., L.L.M., Equine Legal Resources. PHOTO CREDIT: Courtesy of Equine Legal Resources. This photo may only be used in relation to this press release.

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New Social Site for Horse People

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Joining Barn Culture and submitting your profile is fast, easy and free. You can keep it simple, or add details like color, photos and graphics with the click of a button.
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My Horse and Me

17/10/2007 - Of Bits and Bytes
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17/10/2007 - Of Bits and Bytes

To find out MORE about My Horse and Me, SIMPLY CLICK on the LINK at the top of this article.

Yesterday, Tuesday 16 October, marked the launch of the “My Horse and Me” feature-packed new website on the worldwide web providing the public with a great chance to get a sneak preview of the only FEI endorsed equestrian video game ever to hit the streets. This comes in anticipation to the video games’ multi platform release scheduled for mid November 2007. Published by Atari, My Horse and Me is a unique equestrian video game experience for PC, Wii and Nintendo DS™

Features galore, visitors to the site can learn everything about what makes My Horse and Me an enthralling, highly realistic and immersive video game with detailed game information, videos and screenshots showing the rich variety of gameplay modes, competitive environments and fun mini-games.

Furthermore, fans of the game can customize their own PC with a selection of downloadable screensavers and wallpapers exclusive to the site. The specially designed ‘My Horse and Me in Pictures’ feature lets fans upload a digital photo of themselves and superimpose it onto a photo of a customisable horse and rider of their choice. They can then download the finished picture, share it with friends, use it to create a unique PC or mobile phone wallpaper, or even enter a competition to win a t-shirt featuring the design.

You must be thinking this is a far cry from you Pinball or Space Invaders days… Indeed, from the pinball machine to My Horse and Me a lot has happened in both the equestrian world and the world of video games… For example, when pinball was really taking off during the post-World War II American economic boom in the 1950s, men and women were still competing separately at World Championships. Or even, when in 1965 the first ladies World Jumping Championships were being staged, “spacewar” (the next pioneer in the gaming industry) was dazzling crowds with two ships dubbed the "Wedge" and the "Needle" that could be moved around the screen while firing torpedoes at each other until one ship was destroyed…

It would not be until 1975 that men and women would be competing for the same medals at FEI Championships. A little around the time the video game industry went into what has been dubbed the golden age of arcade games, led by none other than the invincible Space Invaders – genuinely invincible because you could not win, as destroying all the aliens led to the game starting over at greater difficulty until, you, the player, were either finally terminated or exhausted. In Japan alone, the game eventually sold over 100,000 units and caused a phenomenon as small stores switched to housing rows of Space Invader cabinets and (apparently) a shortage of the 100 Yen coins required to play the game resulted in the Japanese government having to increase production of the coin!

Making history and revealing progress – every detail is a poignant one, and just retracing some of the steps in video games or equestrian sport makes you realise how far we have come in very few years. Just think of women’s participation and success in equestrian sports or some of the virtual and automated worlds with which we now feel entirely at ease. So, whether you are the ultimate technophobe or the intrepid, technologically enhanced type of person, why not take this opportunity to unleash or refresh the gamer in you.

About Infogrames Entertainment and Atari:
Infogrames Entertainment (IESA), the parent company of the Atari Group, is listed on the Paris Euronext stock exchange (ISIN code: FR-0000052573) and has two principal subsidiaries: Atari Europe, a privately-held company, and Atari, Inc., a United States corporation listed on NASDAQ (ATAR).
The Atari Group is a major international producer, publisher and distributor of interactive entertainment software for all market segments and in all existing game formats (Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony) and on CD-ROM for PC. Its games are sold in more than 60 countries.
The Atari Group’s extensive catalogue of popular games is based on original franchises (Alone in the Dark, V-Rally, Test Drive, Roller Coaster Tycoon, etc.) and international licenses (Dragon Ball Z, Dungeons & Dragons, etc.).
For more information:

Next events
Jerez de la Frontera (Dates TBA) (ESP)
CSI1* Ladies
01/10 - 31/12/07 Monterrey (MEX)
CSI4* (Americas Championship for Young Horses) / CSI4*-W / CSIY-A / CSIJ-A / CSICh-A / CSI2*
16/10 - 28/10/07 Lexington, KY (USA)
CCI1* with SC
17/10 - 21/10/07
Aldon (GBR)
CCI1* w-out SC
18/10 - 21/10/07 Campo de Mayo, Buenos Aires (ARG)
CCI2* w-out SC / CCI1* w-out SC
18/10 - 21/10/07 Elkton, MD (USA)
CCI3* with SC
18/10 - 21/10/07
Helsinki (FIN)
CSI4*-W / CDI3*
18/10 - 21/10/07 Le Lion d'Angers (FRA)
CH-M-YHorses-C1* 6yo / CH-M-YHorses-CCI2* w-out SC 7 yo
18/10 - 21/10/07 Leeuwarden (NED)
18/10 - 21/10/07
Caen (FRA)
19/10 - 21/10/07 Hastings (NZL)
19/10 - 19/10/07 Moorsele (BEL)
19/10 - 21/10/07
San Lazzaro di Savena (+ JP classes) (ITA)
19/10 - 21/10/07 Vejer de la Frontera (ESP)
19/10 - 21/10/07 Weikersdorf (AUT)
19/10 - 21/10/07
Wissembourg (FRA)
CEI2* 110km
19/10 - 21/10/07 Wr. Neustadt (AUT)
19/10 - 21/10/07 Brigadoon, WA (AUS)
20/10 - 20/10/07
Swan River (AUS)
CIC3* / CIC2* / CIC1*
20/10 - 21/10/07 Tbilisi (GEO)
23/10 - 28/10/07 Pau (FRA)
CCI4* w-out SC / CIC2*
24/10 - 28/10/07
Alexandria (EGY)
25/10 - 27/10/07 Belfast (IRL)
25/10 - 28/10/07 Hannover (GER)
CSI4* / CSI A Amateurs / CAI-W
25/10 - 28/10/07

Malina Gueorguiev
FEI Communication Department
Fédération Equestre Internationale
t +41 21 310 47 47
f +41 21 310 47 60

Friday, October 5, 2007

Immunall References

I started using Immunall on a horse of mine that was competing at 4* level. He was affected by a very rare form of self immune hepatitis. For a few months, under suggestion of the best vets available, we tried to cure him with steroids and various other strong drugs but we didn’t get any positive results. I was so despaired that I was prepared to try anything to save my horse. At the point my physio, John Warwick, suggested Immunall. Already after one month of treatment the horse felt better in himself and the liver profile in the blood test was improving. At that point I was convinced that Immunall is a very good and effective product and I therefore started to use it on all my event horses that compete at top level. I noticed in all of them an increased energy and concentration level and a more relaxed frame of mind. I do really think that Immunall is a great product that helps the horses to perform at their best.

Susanna Bordone
Olympic Three-Day Event Rider, Italian Champion

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Just checking in we are constantly adding new products to our website!

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Sheridan Creek Tack is offering a new affiliate program for all of its products. Please email for more information!

Wednesday, May 9, 2007


sheridan Creek Tack is selling Immunall for 135.00 per bottle and will give even better deals to people who order ten or more! For more information please go to

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Sheridan Creek Tack

After weeks and weeks we have finally finished please get on and take a look or suggest a product!

Saturday, May 5, 2007

New Immunall Article

New Products
by Sharon DeCarlo
Kristen Roberson of Sheridan Creek Tack in Gardnerville is a distributor of a product all horsemen should investigate. It is an all-in-one combined herbal supplement for the purpose of boosting energy, supporting the immune system and in general promoting good health in your horse.
As we travel more and more around the country with our horses for many different reasons and events we are subjecting them to a greater number of viruses and communicable diseases, not to mention the general stress of travel. We can't always depend on vaccines to do all the work of protecting our equine. It is a proven fact that the stronger and healthier our horses are to began with, the better they can fight disease.
Immunall has already proven itself effective in the horse world especially for the performing horses that must endure the stress of travel and competition. For instance, the race competition costs the horses body an enormous amount of energy which can result in loss of energy, which causes imbalances and a body with acids in the cell environment. This can leave a horse's immune system wide open for viruses to attack and very often they do!
For some time now Immunall has been used with great success by prominent racehorse trainers and known trainers throughout the UK and Ireland.
Realizing Immunall's important successful contribution to the race horse's energy level and healthy immune system has resulted in other horsemen to begin using Immunall supplement for Eventing, Showing, Rodeo and yes, the everyday pleasure and trail horse can benefit from its positive effects as well.
Immunall improves vitality by releasing extra energy and regulating katabolic function.
In addition, the immune system will be stimulated and the function of internal organs, whose purpose is closely related to natural defenses against stress and microorganisms, will be harmonized. The Immunall helps to enhance the recovery of damaged tissue by oedema resorption and cellular protection.
General Improvements:
•Energy provision and resistance to stress
•Adjustment of the digestive system
•Improvement of Resistance against infections
•Anti-inflammatory activity
•Stimulation and support of the immune system
•Boosts reproduction abilities by stimulating semen count in stallions and helping restore breeding cycles and folicles in mares.
•Accelerated recovery after illness
•Tissue purification
•Tissue protection and
•Mental well-being.
What is in this life changing product?
Immunall is a hydro-alcoholic herbal product, which contains several herbs improving vitality and functioning of the immune system. The product has to be mixed with the drinking water or top dressed on feed in a relatively low concentration, increasing the activity.
The ingredients consist of Allium sativum, Uncaria tomentosa, Eleuterococcus scenticosus, Echinacea purpurea, Juglans regia, Carduus marianus and Viola tricolor.
Kristen Roberson owns and operates Sheridan Creek Equestrian Center, a beautiful full service equine boarding facility in Gardnerville, Nevada. Her operation is first class and environmentally safe from every aspect when it comes to the horses in her care. Immunall is a product she passionately believes in and has used with many miraculous successes. First lesson of promoting a product is that you must know it well and understand all it has to offer. After talking with Kristen I can tell you that she really knows and understands this product and believes in its importance in the ultimate care of her stock. This does not come from being sold by the company but by her own extensive use and noted successes she has witnessed in her own horses. Attention Breeders! Immunall has had great success with Stallions motility, increasing strong semen production and potency. Kristen states "I have a 22 year old brood mare that was a great producer but I had trouble settleing her for the past couple of years. I had to face the fact that my mare was barren. I had already given up when I discovered Immunall and decided to put her on it. After a few months I noticed a great improvement in the general overall look of my good brood mare, in addition she began cycling again with a true follicle to breed on. After covering her just once this mare was in foal! I know that it was this wonderful, well balanced supplement that gave her back her ability to become pregnant. This is just one success story, there are many others.
Immunall research has been extensive in vitro research at the University of Agriculture, the Netherlands.
This product comes with a brochure that is quiet extensive in information and testimonials.
One such testimonial that really stands out is from Mrs. Jessica Harrington in Ireland:
"I am delighted with the results of Immunall and find it very effective on horses that run below par".
For more extensive information and to order your Immunall contact: Kristen Roberson at Sheridan Creek Tack, 551 Centerville Lane, Gardnerville, Nevada 89460. 775-265-7371 or 831-206-1265 email:

Friday, May 4, 2007

Immunall Press Release!

Contact: Kristen Roberson
Sheridan Creek Tack
Gardnerville, Nevada
(775) 265-7371
# of words 367


Does your performance horse seem a bit sluggish or not quite at his peak? Is he susceptible to every little “bug” going around the barn? Is it hard to get your mare pregnant or is your stallions motility low? When your horse’s immune system is out of balance, all kinds of physical problems can occur. The owners of Sheridan Creek Tack had similar problems with their performance horses until they discovered Immunall, an all-natural product produced in the United Kingdom that’s made of seven medicinal herbs, which can be used for horses, humans and other animals. The herbs used relate to imroving the horse’s over-all vitality, purifies the system and helps boost the immune system. Immunall also helps reduce stress and low energy levels in performance horses. Some of the herbs used in Immunall are Russian ginseng and garlic for improved digestion and general condition, and purple coneflower and cats claw to improve resistance to infections and speed recovery time. Also, though official studies haven’t been conducted, Immunall users have reported positive results for horses with Cushings Disease.
Leading trainers throughout the United Kingdom who have used Immunall have seen dramatic improvements in their performance horses. Renowned Irish steeplechase and racehorse trainer, Jessica Harrington, who has over ninety horses in training at her Commonstown Stables in Ireland uses Immunall for all her horses and has seen tremendous results. Harrington is one of the leading trainers in her field.
This product is also highly recommended by Veterinary Physiotherapist John Warwick, one of the UK's top specialists and the Chairman of the National Veterinarian Physiotherapist Association. With such an impressive UK performance record, Sheridan Creek Tack feels that once US horsemen learn about Immunall, it will rapidly become a staple in racing, performance and distance riding stables across the nation.
For complete information on Immunall products please visit the company’s website at
Sheridan Creek Tack is a new, on-line tack store specifically dedicated to offering unique holistic, natural and environmentally friendly products for horses and stables. All of the products offered are field-tested on the shop owners’ personal horses. They are excited about bringing Immunall to the US equine industry.
For more information about this product, or any of their other herbal products, please visit Sheridan Creek Tack’s on-line shop at

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Free Bottles of Immunall for Cushings Horses!

Sheridan Creek Tack is giving out 15 free bottles of Immunall to horses who have Cushings Disease ( we have several positive cases of the product working on horses with cushings but need a few more testimonials!) Please contact for more information

Free Bottles of Immunall!

Sheridan Creek Tack is giving out 15 free bottles of Immunall to horses who have Cushings Disease ( we have several positive cases of the product working on horses with cushings but need a few more testimonials!) Please contact for more information

Sheridan Creek Tack

Contact: Kristen Roberson
Sheridan Creek Tack
Gardnerville, Nevada
(775) 265-7371
# of words 522


Looking for a better, neater way to bath your horse? Need an innovative idea to prevent stall boredom? Searching for a more holistic way to protect your horses from viruses or improve your breeding program? So was the Roberson family, the owners of Sheridan Creek Equestrian Center in Gardnerville, Nevada. They knew these types of products were out there, but finding them was another story since they couldn’t be located through the mainstream equine supply catalogs. But once they found them, they were extremely satisfied with the various products. And after field-testing each one on their personal horses, they suggested the products to their clients and friends. Soon people were asking them about other items and it wasn’t long before the Robersons decided to launch Sheridan Creek Tack, a new, on-line tack store specifically dedicated to unique holistic, natural and environmentally friendly products for horses and stables.
Sheridan Creek Tack is constantly researching new ideas and ways to provide its customers with the best products possible like the Lynx Animal Cleaning System from the Anivac Corporation. This product, which looks like a vacuum cleaner, weighs thirty-six pounds and uses about two gallons of water to bath an average-sized horse. Compare that to the hundreds of gallons used by a regular household hose, which often contributes to the mud bogs found around most wash areas. When the special nozzle and hose attachments are used, the system vacuums up any excess water as it goes. This reduces drying time and leaves the person doing the bathing relatively dry, which makes it a great product for winter bathing and since it’s portable, you don’t have to wait in long lines at the showgrounds for a chance at the wash stalls. Currently, Sheridan Creek Tack is the only United States distributor of this innovative product.
Another item Sheridan Creek Tack is pleased to offer are Pony Pops, a hard, grain-based lollypop designed for horses that are confined for long periods. Pony Pops are an excellent way to give the horse something better to do than develop stable vices like stall kicking, cribbing or weaving. This all-natural product is hand-crafted with the finest ingredients available and comes in apple, carrot, peppermint and horsesea salt flavors. Depending on the horse, each pop can last three to five days and they are portable so they can be used at shows and even in the horse trailer.
Highlighting their line of holistic equine products is Immunall , an all-natural product produced in the United Kingdom that is made of seven medicinal herbs, which can be used for horses, humans and other animals. The herbs used relate to imroving the horse’s over-all vitality and helps boost the immune system. This product has been used by leading racehorse trainers and breeders throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland who have seen dramatic improvements in their performance horses and with breeding stock, especially with increased conception rates in older or hard to settle mares. Sheridan Creek Tack is excited about bring this product to the US equine industry.
For more information on any of these products, please visit Sheridan Creek Tack’s on-line shop at

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Immunall New Website

Immunall can now be purchased directly at

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Immunall data sheet

Data Sheet
Product Name: Immunall, patented at 4 November 1999; patent number 1013497

Purpose: to improve general condition, to help the immune system, and to balance internal organ systems for an optimal response to stress and inflammation.

Effectiveness: the product improves vitality by releasing extra energy and regulating katabolic functions. In addition, the immune system will be stimulated and the function of
internal organs, whose purposes are closely related to natural defenses against stress and microorganisms, will be harmonized. The product helps to enhance the recovery of damaged tissue by oedema resorption and cellular protection.

The patented combination consists of alcoholic extracts of Allium sativum, Uncaria tomentosa, Eleuterococcus scenticosus, Echinacea purpurea, Juglans regia, Carduus marianus and Viola tricolor.

Desired physiological effects:
When formulating Immunall, it was recognized that physical health and immune functions are closely related to mental well-being. Therefore, immune-stimulating and body purifying herbs have been combined with the adaptogenic medicinal plant Eleuterococcus scenticosus.

1. Improvement of General Condition

Energy provision and resistance to stress: Eleuterococcus contains Eleutherosides, which provide a significant strengthening and tonic impact. The physiological effects combine energy mobilization (primarily through intensified utilization of glucose) with a stress-protective effect. (facilitated by the change in regulation of the central nervous system (hypothalamic-hypophysis system) and hormonal (adrenal, prostaglandin) production.)
Adjustment of the digestive system: Allium sativum eliminates intestinal spasms, adjusts peristalsis and enhances the activity of the gastrointestinal glands. Juglans regia contains tannins and naphtoquinone-derivates, which positively influence the recovery of the intestinal mucous membrane after infection.
Cleansing: Sylimarin in Carduus marianus stimulates and protects liver cells in the process of detoxification of harmful metabolites. In addition, Carduus enhances the production of bile. Viola tricolor supports the kidneys in removing small molecular metabolic waste from the blood (diuresis).
2. Improvement of Resistance Against Infections

Immunall contains three herbs, Juglans, Echinacea and Uncaria, each of them combining inhibitory effects on the growth of micro-organisms with immune-stimulating properties.

Anti-inflammatory activity: Echinacea purpurea (caffeic acids) and Juglans regia (naphtoquinone derivatives) have bactericide and fungicide properties. Glycosides from Uncaria tomentosa and Echinacea inhibit viral attack on tissue. In addition, Echinacea protects cells by preventing micro-organisms from attaching and multiplying.
Stimulation and support of the immune system: Caffeic acids, polysaccharides and glycoproteins from Echinacea, polysaccharides from Eleuterococcus and quinovic acid glycosides and triterpenes from Uncaria enhance oral and/or cell-mediated defense mechanisms. Juglans stimulates the lymphatic system. Echinacea and Eleuterococcus regulate the stress induced production of prostaglandin’s (chemicals related to cell inflammation) and ACTH (a hormone produced in reaction to stress) ) to an effective and controllable degree. In this process Echinacea stimulates the production of ACTH, while Eleuterococcus reduces the need for activators because the herb stimulates cells to build up more resistance to harmful influences.
3. Accelerated recovery after illness

Tissue purification, oedema resorption: Echinacea increases phagocyte activity in removing local remnants of damaged tissue. In addition, Echinacea stimulates local activity of lymphatic vessels in transporting interstitial fluid. Viola tricolor purifies the blood by stimulating the diuretic process in the kidneys. Uncaria contributes to oedema resorption by lowering the blood pressure.
Tissue protection: Uncaria has anti-oxidant properties, making cells less susceptible to harmful stimuli (i.e. microbial toxins).
Storage: dry, cool, dark and sealed. During storage the extract fluid might show some precipitation of herbal material. Therefore it is advised to shake the fluid well before using it.

Shelf Life: 1.5 years

First-aid measures: Contact with eyes, flush with a lot of water. In case of swallowing large amounts, drink copious quantities of water.

Contra-indications: none known

Interactions with other drugs: none known

Toxicology: clinical data or medicinal experiences concerning harmful effects of overdoses are not reported.

Side effects: none known

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Well I have been riding my 20 year old Appendix Quarter Horse Gelding Max a lot more recently due to the injurey of Attie. He seems to be getting on the bit a lot better than he used to but every once in a while he still puts up a fight. I am thinking about taking him to a show soon but am not really sure exaclty when.

The winner of the Topham Trophy on Immunall!

Just wanted to announce another great victory for a horse on Immunall. Dun Brody Millar won the Topham Trophy in Aintree a few weeks past!!!
Check these sites out for more information!
Well good new on Attie aka Seattle Spy. She went in to Davis yesterday for her ultrasound recheck and the doctor found that she was doing much better. The areas around her tendon that were damaged appear to be doing a lot better and the area where the tendon was ruptured is completely beginning to fill in. We are just hoping now that she continues to rest her leg so that she will keep improving.


Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Immunall Simple the best

This is some information from Immunall can be purchased on ebay!!

Horses travelling around the country for races and competitions are prone to viruses intruding their systems.
Viruses can change rapidly so that vaccines are difficult to develop.
The ultimate seems having the ability to activate the immune system in a natural way by enhancing the effectiveness of the internal organs and processes.

A race or competition costs the body an enormous amount of energy resulting in a low energy balance and a body left with acids in the cell environment.
In that situation viruses may attack and even secondary infections can take place whilst the immune system is not well able to fight back.

In such situations Immunall has proven to be a great help, avoiding worse conditions of the horses.

Immunall is used by prominent racehorse trainers and known trainers throughout the UK and Ireland.
Also eventing horses and trotting horses or hunters benefit in the same way from the herbal combination.

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Ebay Account

To all of my readers!! Someone broke into my ebay account the new address to purchase Immunall at is

Grand National Video The second place horse is on Immunall!!!

Watch this horse come barrelling back from fourth to finish 2nd. The day after the race the trainer called and said that he wanted 30 more bottles!!!

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Well I am going to begin this story not from the time that I actually bought this horse but from the time that he came to America. He came to America in October of '06 from Germany. He is a 3 year old black Hanoverian gelding out of weltmeyer. Christiane's mother (the assistant trainer at the barn that I used to ride at) travelled over with him on the plane and said that he had the sweetest face she had ever seen. Wincento stayed in LA for one day before he was transported to Christiane Noelting's Dressage Center in Vacaville CA. After he got there they gave him some time off to get used to being in America and well I guess there is no rush since he was just 3 years old. After they started putting him to work they realized that he was extremely talented. His first show was at Rancho Murietta ( he took first place in all of his classes except for the one where his german rider forgot the test and then could not understand what the judge was telling him!) Anyway to make a long story short I purchased Wincento about 2 months ago and have been driving from reno to Vacaville twice a week to take lessons. A few weeks ago we took him to Rancho Murietta to compete against the other top four year olds in the state but unfortunately he got a stone bruise on the first day and was unable to compete. He is now resting and we arent even going to try riding him for another two weeks. We have started giving him farriers formula because his hooves seem to be soft and are having a little bit of trouble adapting to America's harder ground.

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Equus Caballus

In this post I am going to write about the History of the horse. Equus Caballus is the modern horse which took over 600 million years to develop. Its earliest ancestor was Eohippus which lived in the marsh lands. Eohippus had an arched bunny like back, was about the size of a bunny, the animal also had five fingers. As the earth changed and things became warmer the swamp lands receded and the modern day Equus Caballus started to evolve. The horses were forced to move from the swamps onto the plains. All of a sudden natural selection started calling for a much larger animal that needed to be able to run fast in order to defend itself. The toes on Eohipppus did not just merely disappear but they slowly receded into the horse. Today remnants of these bones can be seen in Equus Caballus's legs. If anyone would like to add to this post please feel free to do so.
Sorry I know I promised that I was going to write yesterday but a terrible storm blew through here and as a consequence there was a lot more to do around the barn. Anyway back to the story. I purchased Kelly the Canadian Sport Horse several years ago when she was 14 years old and evented her until she was was 17 years old. Kelly did very well competing up to the Intermediate level. Now Kelly is retired as a lesson horse and is currently in foal to Pablo a stallion at Rainbow Equus. We are very excited yo see what her baby is going to be like. Does anyone out there know anything about Pablo's babies? From what I can tell they look to be pretty nice!

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Sheridan Creek Equestrian Center

Sheridan Creek Bio: our website

Sheridan Creek Equestrian Center is a horse boarding facility located in Gardnerville Nevada. We specialize in the discipline of dressage but welcome everyone who is interested in riding to board with us. The facility is located in Gardnerville Nevada and consists of 36 acres. We have an indoor riding arena as well as several outdoor arenas. The purpose of this blog is going to be to talk about the horses at the facility and the general going on's in the horse world. Sheridan Creek currently has 5 horses. Attie a 11 year old thoroughbred mare out of seattle slew, Kelly a 20 year old Canadian Sport Horse out of Cosy's Commander. Kelly is currently in foal to Pablo and is due in July, Max a 20 year old appendix quarter horse (our lesson horse), cozette our boarders horse an kara a 28 year old arabian.

Well to start our story I should back track a few months and talk about Attie's ruptured peronious tertious and how we are planning on treating it. Attie unfortunately incurred a tragic accident about three months ago and we decided to have stem cell done to her. This will be the first time in the world that stem cell has been done on this tendon. Unfortunately Attie has about three inches of seperation between the two ends of the tendon and we felt that stem cell will give her the best chance of being able to get through this. The usual vet stem procedure only produces several thousand stem cells but we have decided to take her to davis and have them try something a little different. Instead of just incubating the cells for a few days the people at davis incubated them for three weeks. When we went in to have the stem cells injected into her they inject over 70 million cells. It was absolutely amazing you could actually see the stem cells attaching to the damaged part of the tendon. Attie handled the surgery very well. Unfortunately we weren't able to stay long to let her come out of the anestesia as the road conditions on highway 50 were starting to get bad and we did not want to have to spend the night on the road as we have many other nights. Attie now appears to be feeling better, we are taking her back to Davis next week to have her re-ultrasounded. She appears to be developing a cribbing habit since she has been in the stall for a very long time. We started giving her pony pops ( which really appears to have solved her cribbing problem.

Tomorrow I will get everyone up to snuff on Kelly, Max's and my new horses Wincento's past

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Immunall can be purchased on ebay @

Immunall Possibly the best Supplement out there


OK this first photo is not for the faint of heart...Just thought you would like to see these.The first photo is a Picture of the legendary LE SANTO when I first brought him home. As well as, PRIOR to immunall.Pretty sad, huh?? then i got in touch with you about the immunall...
Well, We spoke today when I ordered my 2nd two liters, thought you would really love to see photos of LE SANTO taken today a few hours ago...
YOU TELL ME if you think he looks great or what?? :-)Le SANTO will STAY on Imunall for the rest of his life...Lisa
I just love Immunall. I gelded my 6.5 month old twin (with failure of passive transfer) with much trepidation having heard some dreadful stories with immuno-compromised babies. However, I boosted his Immunall a week prior to gelding and left him on it until everything was healed. I'm thrilled to report that he made it through the process with minimal swelling, no problems and no antibiotics! He'll be 8 months on Christmas Day. Immunall will be a part of his life until he's at least a year. Another success... I had a mare who was 2+ months post-weaning develop signs of mastitis. Swelling on one side of udder and a temp of 102.8. This is a mare who has done a lot of antibiotics in her life...since coming to me I've tried to "hardy" her up a bit (I'm not a big fan of antibiotics) and have been quite successful, so I was dreading the call to the vet and the Rx I knew that was coming. As it was late in the evening, I decided to give her some Banamine and a 25cc dose of Immunall and see how she looked the next day. 24 hours later, temp was almost normal and swelling was a bit better. After 72 hours, with daily dosing of Immunall (and only the initial dose of Banamine), temp is normal and her udder looks fine! I will keep her on Immunall for the next couple of weeks. Thanks again for bringing this wonderful product to the US market. Donna Harringtontalley research group277 cascade drivemill valley california 94941-5025415 389 9945415 383 2156
I am sending this note to tell you that we have had a pretty amazing result with the use of Immunall on one of my mares. My Rohdiamant mare developed a terrible case of hives in 2002 that ended up as hard, raised bumps on both sides of her neck and also on her back. There were about 20 bumps on her right side and almost 70 on the left. The bumps were about the size on the tip of a woman's little finger, and felt like they were calcified. Over the years I asked vet after vet about them. Some suggested surgically removing them and others said to leave them, but none could tell me what they were or how to safely get rid of them.I started Rohanna on Immunall in late July. She is a mare that really looks dragged down by her foal, even though she is in good weight and fairly young. I had such great results with Rubizza (a viable pregnancy for the first time since 2003) on Immunall that I figured it might help Roh's condition, too.The week after I started Rohanna on the Immunall she started rubbing her flanks as if she was terribly itchy. A few days later, the bumps that were on her back started to flatten. In another week those bumps had disappeared. Then the bumps on her neck started flattening from back towards her head. She now has only a few bumps left on the left side of her neck and most of them are flattening. I fully expect her to be entirely without those nasty bumps very soon.Just thought you'd be interested in this. The bumps really detracted from this lovely mare's appearance. I could not be more pleased.Mary Lou Winn
Just wanted to write you a quick note and let you know that my twin foal with pneumonia and abcessed lymph node has rebounded nicely (recent pic attached). Within about 4 days of putting him on the Immunall, the abcess finally came to a head (after more than a month of growing). It took almost a month to completely drain, but his body seems to have beaten it and he is frollicking about as a normal young colt should. I've decided that Immunall will be a regular part of his life until he's at least a year old :-) I'm just about to begin the weaning process, so I am putting both boys on Immunall to help their bodies cope with the stress. Can I go ahead and order another 1000ml bottle direct from you? I think you have my address and CC # on record? If so, please go ahead and charge away :-) Thanks again!Donna Harrington
The Immunall worked! After 1 week at 20 ml/ day the snotty nose was significanlty improved. Two weeks later, no sign of snotty nose or cough!Thanks,EmilyI have some brilliant news this morning.Our 20 year old Irish Draught mare was confirmed in foal this morning, Yeah!I am so pleased that she is finally in foal at long last, it's taken almost 2 years!Without the help of your excellent product I feel we would have never got her in foal.I think it's amazing that a herbal product works so well, I'm a true believer now! Thanks again! Simone
I am a fan of Immunall. I had a rough breeding season last year and this year I was willing to try something new on a few of my difficult mares.I heard about the Immunall and spoke with Edgar from Immunall and several vets.My repro vet said it could not hurt and I should give it a try.I started three of my problem mares on it and two caught on the first attempt. The third mare hang on to a follicle forever and I could not get semen shipped for another insemination. That mare did catch on the next cycle and all three are still in foal. Coats look great, I am pleased. The most thrilling part for me is that one mare that had been Regumate dependent has been successfully carrying this foal ( she is at 94 days) with just the Immunall.I did not use it on 4 of my younger mares - I was anticipating that they were the easy ones. 2 of them caught on the first attempt. The other two after three attempts each I finally wised up and put them on the Immunall also.I find out next Tuesday if they are finally pregnant. If they are then next year I will be having a truck load of Immunall delivered and the entire herd will be getting it.Genevieve
We used it on a mare that had been open for three years and then spent an entire summer trying to breed with daily vet care at a top breeding farm to no avail. We were told the mare would probably never get in foal. This year we gave her the Immunal dosage as recommended on the site and she settled on the first cycle, twinned, and absorbed one so we now expect a singleton in March! We are now giving it to all mares we intend to breed and to any one who has undergone unusual stress, taken antibiotics,or had any kind of ailment. I cannot say enough good about this product!I have become a believer. I have a wonderful mare that failed to conceive for the last few seasons, despite clean culture/cytologies, biopsies, etc, etc. This year I put her on Immunall about 3 weeks before trying one last time. I am knocking on wood a I type, but she was in foal at 30 days. We'll check her next week at 60 days. She looks wonderful, dappled and younger than her years.Mary Lou Winn
I can't say enough good about this product. I had a true lactational aenestrous mare(every other year if nursing-no cycles) Following the advice on dosage and usage, for the first time in 7 years, this mare IS pregnant while nursing!!!I also used it on a maiden mare that had a red bag and the local vets thought she would probably not take this year. She settled on one cycle.Used it on an injured yearling colt that was having a proud flesh issue. Within a couple of weeks, the cut was healing nicely without the proud flesh.Maryanna Haymonwww.marydellfarm.comWe've use it for a variety of reasons. We used it on our DWB mare who is older, borderline cushings and a bit hard to settle. On the immunal - she had a normal cycle - even twinned and is 70 days in foal. She also LOOKS fabulous. We've used it on other horses as well to "clean them out". I recommended it to a man who was at one of our Dressage Clinics. His WB was JUST NUTS. Looked like he wanted to get out of his skin. I suggested he try it and gave him some. He doubted the horse would eat his grain with it. The horse ate it - licked the bowl and has been a normal horse since.I started my 22 yo GP school master on it and she is FINALLY shedding that cushings hair she keeps all year and looking much better over all.We bred 3 ponies and gave it to them - should know if they took over the next couple of weeks.I believe it has a variety of uses and worth the try.Friends have a young mare who they thought had an ovarian tumor she was just horrid about contact on her body. After 3 weeks on Immunall - she's accepting leg contact and leg aids without bucking or kicking out.Ilona EnglishSummit Sporthorses
We got introduced to Immunall by a friend and were explained it would help a stressed / depressed horse and that it was herbal. Without knowing many of the benefits we started using it on some of the older horses and on the busy breeding stallions. Within a week we noticed an increased vitality, brilliance in the older horses and an increased libido in the stallion. The stallion became easier to collect and the semen quality appeared to go up. Now, after having used it on 5 of our stallions for 2 breeding seasons we have noticed a definite increase in progressive forward motility and density especially early in the year. First cycle conception rates have gone up for the shipped semen and on our herd. We bred 26 of our own mares, 25 are pregnant, 22 with one insemination, 2 with 2 inseminations and one not pregnant after only 2 attempts.Some mares that normally need to be on Regumate to maintain a pregnancy did have an improved tone after using the Immunall and have maintained pregnant. We discovered it also increases the effectiveness of the immune response. We had 2 sick foals after weaning with 104 temperature and they were sluggish and lying down. I pulled blood and found it was not a bacterial infection. I gave them 10ml at night and in the morning and the next day they were normal acting and without fever. It also rid a group of yearlings from pigeon fever. A group of 7 fillies had 4 beginning cases of pigeon fever; one had a pretty big puss pocket on her chest already the others smaller ones in several places. We fed them as a group with 70 ml Immunall on Alfalfa/Oat pellets. The worst case got an extra 10ml for 2 days. All were done with it in a week after which we fed them the Immunall for a few more days. It never returned which was incredible for a disease that often needs to run its course over 3 months. Needless to say we are using it on all our breeding stock around breeding time and our foals around weaning time. Our show horses are getting it too and are less tired and can concentrate better at the end of the shows. We have a lot of faith in Immunall and count on it for increased health and performance during the breeding and show season.Sincerely,Edgar SchutteRainbow Equus MeadowsCalifornia,
The Irish filly who had a persistent cough and runny nose from shipping fever in December is now symptom-free. Ahme no longer has a cough although she has been taking SMZs as well. My mare who refused to get pregnant all last summer is now pregnant on the first try- with twins! One has fortunately been re-absorbed. Is it the live cover or the Immunall?Now, I have just put in a new order. We were just given- yes, given- a three year old TB mare by a Storm Cat son out of a Cryptoclearance mare. She has been tying up whenever asked to "breeze". So, into our little broodmare band she goes. I will try breeding her to a pony stallion this year- she is 15'1 -and see what happens thereafter. At the very least, she can be a recipient mare for my performance mares. I haven't seen her yet, but am sure that the magic brew will do much to ease the trauma of racetrack training.She arrives tomorrow. Please get the potion to me as soon as possible!Michele
I just wanted you to know I put my 16 yo DWB mare on this and we'll see if we can settle her on the next cycle. But have to tell you SHE LOOKS FABULOUS! Really - she hasn't looked this good since I bought her 7 years ago!

I'll be ordering more of this product.